Ordering Essure

Essure can be ordered by phone, e-mail, or fax

Call 855-406-2861
8 AM-8 PM ET,
Monday through Friday

To place an order, please provide:

  • Shipping/billing address, including facility name (for new customers only)
  • Name of certified/trained Essure provider and date of certification or scheduled training (for new customers only)
  • Facility license, in-house pharmacy license, or provider license*
  • Letter of Affiliation form
  • Copy of resale certificate or Department of Revenue letter proving tax exemption (if applicable)

Shipping and delivery is easy

  • All shipping is FREE
  • SAME DAY SHIPPING for orders received before 3:30 PM ET
  • Standard delivery is 2 business days

*Once the license is on file, it is not necessary to provide another copy until the license has expired.
For all states except Florida, a Letter of Affiliation form is needed if there is not an address on the license or if the address on the license does not match the shipping location. Please note that some offices are slow to return this document. Due to the E-Pedigree law in the state of Florida, Florida customers must submit their HCCE permit or the Declaration of Intent Letter before orders can be released.

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